Tours around Cuba using "casas particulares" - CubaPLUS Vacation Rental for your stay in Cuba


Tobacco Tour

Destination 1:La Habana
Destination 2:Pinar del Río
Destination 3:La Habana
The Cuban Cigar is one of the most valuable products of the island , especially by connoisseurs of snuff . Know the regions where the snuff is grown in Cuba , as well as the production process directly from local residents .

Colonial Tour

Destination 1:La Habana
Destination 2:Trinidad
Destination 3:Matanzas
Destination 4:La Habana
The colonial era left beautiful buildings in the cities of Cuba . Visit the most important cities and see well preserved or restored architectural works . In this tour you will visit the cities of Havana , Trinidad , Cienfuegos.

Main Cities

Destination 1:La Habana
Destination 2:Villa Clara
Destination 3:Trinidad
Destination 4:Santiago de Cuba
Destination 5:La Habana
Visit the main cities of Cuba , always staying in private homes to better understand the Cuban family .

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