Conseils útiles pour les voyageurs à Cuba - CubaPLUS Vacation Rental for your stay in Cuba

Useful tips for travelers to Cuba

Here we offer general tips that are very useful especially for those who have never traveled to Cuba.

Avoid renting a ´Casa Particular´ (private house/room) that is not legally authorized to rent to tourists. This is an offence and could cause you problems, so when renting a Casa, go to those who display the logo.

Bookings should be done before arriving in the country so as to obtain the best housing options. If you wish to know the beauties of the island in all its grandeur, book Casas in distinct cities (Havana, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba, Viñales, etc.)

When you go out, bring with you a copy of your Passport for identification.
Exchange your money only at the airport, hotel, banks or exchange counters (CADECA). Try to bring Euros or Canadian dollars or any currency other than American Dollars (USD) as an additional charge of 10% is charged when converting to the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) .

With the help of the owners of the Casa where you will stay, you will find the best transportation options according to your needs (rent a car, taxis, buses, etc.). At very economic prices, we recommend the regular transit bus line Viazul (http: / / for travel between cities of interest in the country.

As the Cuban climate is warm most of the year, we recommend bringing light clothes. During our short winter (December to March) a lightweight sweater is enough, especially, to travel in the air-conditioned buses. Of course, your swimsuits, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential for the beach!

The electrical current in the majority of the residential, commercial premises, offices and hotels is 110 V / 60 Hz, although there are facilities that have 220 V / 60 Hz. The plugs are flat spikes. Hotels have medical services 24 hours a day with specialists and nurses. In the main cities there are clinics for tourists.

Most state-owned places (hotels, restaurants, bars) accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards. However, it is advisable to always bring cash as well.

Cuba is a country with a low crime rate, though it is always wise to be prudent and take precautions to avoid losing personal items like your wallet, camera, suitcases, bags, etc. For your peace of mind, police officers are present on the street officers to whom you can refer if the need arises.

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