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Casa Particular ( private house )

A "casa particular" is a private house owned by a Cuban family offering lodging for rent to tourists, usually at very economical prices.

Rooms are very clean and in line with tourist standards. The core offering is an air-conditioned room with a bed, closet, a small table and a private bathroom. You can sometimes find a phone and TV.

The Casas may be small apartments or rooms with a private entrance. They can also be houses with rooms for rent located which are part of a home (shared with a Cuban family). You can also rent the whole house (2-3 rooms with kitchen, bathroom (s), diningroom, etc.).

In general there a maximum of 6 persons per Casa. In addition to room rental, the majority of Casas offer other services such as typical Cuban meals, tour guides, dance lessons, Spanish lessons, etc. Depending on the duration your stay and the Casa, prices range between $20 to $45 CAD (between 15 to 32 EUR) / night for a double room.

Many of these houses belong to associations, have a presence on the Web, and are promoted in several books and international tourist guides. The "Casas Particulares" can be recognized by a small sign on the door or the front of the house (equal to the logo in the upper left of our website).

Staying in a Casa has some advantages over other types of housing:
1. Customers can quickly develop friendships with the owners of the house, and thereby learning about the country's culture.
2. You can enjoy a quiet and free atmosphere and feel as though you are in your own home.
3. The Casas are more economical than hotels.

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