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Houses from Villa Clara

Hostal Casa María

Price: 50CUC/Day, Rooms: 2
Hostal Casa María2 spacious rooms with private bathroom, natural ventilation, fan and air conditioning, king size beds and other personal, mini bar. Hot and cold water 24 hours....

Hostal de Lujo Buena Vida

Price: 35CUC/Day, Rooms: 2
Hostal de Lujo Buena VidaWelcome to the Luxury Hostal Buena Vida, where comfort unites with tradition. Share with one of Cuba's most famous sculptors , creator of the famous monument “ burro Perico...

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New Jewels of Cuban Tourism

New Jewels of Cuban Tourism The keys located to the north of the Villa Clara province are becoming increasingly well known to tourists from all over the world as they...

Santa Clara Where roads cross

Santa Clara Where roads crossEnrico Caruso sang at La Caridad Theatre in 1885. The first university opened its doors in 1952. The provincial hospital is now one of the...

Gaviota, A World of Possibilities

Gaviota, A World of Possibilities The magic of the Villa Clara keys, called up by such names as Santa Marfa, Ensenachos and Las Brujas (the witches), is seen, not only...