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Houses from Bayamo

Hostal Arturo & Esmeralda

Price: 100CUC/Day, Rooms: 4
Hostal Arturo & EsmeraldaModern house with 4 bedrooms, all air-conditioned, TV, refrigerator, private bathrooms. Terrace, separate entrance, garage, laundry, safe Rental cottage for organized groups or family trips....

Villa América

Price: 50CUC/Day, Rooms: 2
Villa AméricaModern house with 2 bedrooms. Room 1: 1 and Room 2 king size beds, two double beds. Air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, hot and cold water, private toilets, custodian of cars,...

Villa Pupi

Price: 25CUC/Day, Rooms: 1
Villa PupiOld house that provides services cockteleria and other activities on the terrace, garden, laundry, custodian, dinner and breakfast. Air-conditioned rooms, TV, refrigerator, hot and cold water, and access to the garden...

Casa de Julio

Price: 20CUC/Day, Rooms: 1
Casa de JulioThe room has air conditioning, fan, balcony, private bathroom, TV, refrigerator, hot and cold water and room service...

Villa María

Price: 50CUC/Day, Rooms: 2
Villa María2 bedroom rental in Villa Maria bayamo. Two cameras and staff beds. Modern construction style, capacity for up to 5 people...

Villa León

Price: 25CUC/Day, Rooms: 1
Villa LeónHistorical city center, Cathedral of Bayamo, Car Park...

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Pachalo´s Mandanga

Pachalo´s Mandanga Asking for a hot mandanga anywhere in Cuba will surely be greeted with a smirk or laugh. In most parts of the country the “mandanga”...