Cuban Cuisine at the Center of Debates in Varadero Gourmet Event -

Cuban Cuisine at the Center of Debates in Varadero Gourmet Event

Cuban Cuisine at the Center of Debates in Varadero Gourmet Event

The fusion of cultures in Cuban cuisine; present trends in handling food and beverages; pairing of spirits, habanos, chocolate and coffee and after meal cocktails are among the issues open to debate during the tenth edition of the Gourmet Varadero International Festival, on June 26 thru 29 at the Plaza America Convention Center.

In a press conference held at the Red Salon of the capital’s Hotel Capri, Carlos Rodriguez, member of the Organizing Committee of this festival’s edition mentioned among the topics to discuss what is traditional and what gourmet in national gastronomy; regional cuisine, traditional native desserts, typical Cuban plates: myths and realities; history of Cuban rums, challenges in artistic cuisine and history; as well as bars and the bars’ history in the country.

The event will focus on promoting traditional Cuban cuisine and the exchange of know-hows among professionals of gastronomy, cocktails and related services, at present determining factors in competitiveness of tourism destinations, says the summons.

The meeting will also celebrate the 80th anniversary of world-famous Cabaret Tropicana and summoned by the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba, the Extra hotel Enterprise Palmares and the Business Group Cubasol.

The Festival will be attended by business people and specialists linked to management, formation and commercialization of beverages and foods, both national and international, of the state and private sector, professional and academicians who promote progress of cocktails and gastronomy, clients from all over the country and specially of Varadero, Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

The event will also include contests on high Cuban cuisine cocktails, master conferences, presentations, commented testing, launches, workshops and exhibitions.

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