Singular sculpture attracts tourists in Cuban city -

Singular sculpture attracts tourists in Cuban city

Singular sculpture attracts tourists in Cuban city

With a beginning of a very encouraging year for the Cuban tourism, travelers from all over the world have a lot to see with an extremely particular sculpture in the east city of Baracoa, the sculpture of Pelu

Baracoa, the most eastern city of Cuba, the Prime city, like it is known, it was the first village founded by the Spaniards in the island in 1511 and it has a lot to contributes to the tourism, a sector that is on its way up in this Caribbean island. 

Among its added values they are the legends and traditions like the case related with the Pelu, a Spanish who has his sculpture in one of the main walks of the village. 

For the year 1893 arrived to Baracoa a mysterious person named Vicente Rodríguez, coming from Poza, province of the Coruña in Spain. 

Some stories point him out as a rich businessman who made a great fortune in Santiago de Cuba. For those days it was treated as a great gentleman and his intelligence inspired respect. 

When this journalist arrived to the city, he found that such legend, rather reality, constitutes a kind of cultural pride among many people, mainly the touristic guides, because these anecdotes are enriching of the city traditions. 

One of these days, the villagers recount, Vicente left, but nobody knew to where. Sometime later returned to Baracoa, exactly in the year 1896, but his appearance was no longer the same. The man arrived stripped of all fortune and shrouded in the most really tough misery. 

He exhibited the scruffy looking hair, a very disheveled curly beard and clothes in tatters. They say that he drove mad completely and he walked barefoot and with rolled up pants. 

He was never aggressive with anybody, but when the people seeing him wander around alone at nights, people began to fear him and to put forward shady legends about the looking of that man, to who they called the Pelu of Baracoa or The mysterious man. 

Some humiliated him, some people even threw stones to him several times and after protests, the City council decided to expel him forever of the place. The day of his departure, the Pelu of Baracoa, cursed to the place. 

The legend, already centenarian, continues intact in the popular memory. This situation motivated to erect a sculpture of this person with which all the pilgrims have to see, and until to have one’s photograph taken next him.

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