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Cuba's climate

Cuba's geographic position is very close to latitude of the Tropic of Cancer which means sun and warm temperatures throughout the year. In general, Cuba's climate is describre das tropical, seasonally wet, with a maritime influence.

There are also other types of climates in the country, such as in high mountain areas, namely Topes de Collantes, Sierra Maestra and to a lesser degree Viñales. In the Southern coast south of Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo provinces, the weather is considered to be tropical, relatively dry with little rain.

In Cuba the temperatures are generally high. The annual average temperatures are between 25 ° c and 29 ° c in the plains and about 20 ° c in mountainous areas. The season from November to April is considered to be winter and is cooler, while from May to October it is hotter and and considered to be summer.

The relative humidity is high, averaging close to 80%. The highest daily averages are about 90% at sunrise and 50-60% at noon inland. The most humid areas of the country are in the west and in the mountainous regions.

The element that varies most in Cuba's climate is rain. There are two basic seasons: rainy (from May to October) where roughly 80% of the total of annual rain falla and 20% from November to April. In the eastern region and in mountainous areas, these characteristics vary and from November to April there is a lot of rain.

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