Houses, Apartments and Rooms all particular for your rental vacation in Cuba - CubaPLUS Vacation Rental for your stay in Cuba
Cuba has issued licenses to private homeowners for accommodation rentals, we are your liaison with those homeowners. We provide you with the information you need to find the perfect accommodation, be it an apartment, house or room. We have locations in most of the major cities in Cuba the largest Island in the Antilles.

Booking in advance by at least two weeks, will secure your choice of accommodation while in Cuba.

Explore our website to find a place to suit your special vacation needs. Come explore the culture, people and architect and be our guest as an alternative to the commercial hotels.


Cubaplus Vacation Rentals Team

New houses for renting at CubaPLUS Vacation Rental

Rent Casa particular in Varadero

Hostal Daisy

5 Rooms:
50, 50, 45, 50, 50 CUC/Day
Hostal Daisy 4 bedrooms with bathroom for rent in Varadero, separate entrance, of which 2 rooms have one king size bed and...


2 Rooms:
50, 35 CUC/Day
Vistamar Flat-ground floor. 1 air-conditioned, hot and cold water, common area heated living room, kitchen, bathroom (1 bath), terrace (common area...

Casa José y Elaine

2 Rooms:
40, 40 CUC/Day
Casa José y Elaine Private house opposite the Josone park, 20 meters from the beach. 2 separate bedrooms with private bathrooms each offer. The...

Casa Irene

1 Rooms:
35 CUC/Day
Casa Irene Casa Particular in Varadero who rents a room with very good comfort, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, Cooking and terrace, has...

Villa Segui

2 Rooms:
40, 40 CUC/Day
Villa Segui Apartment for rent with 2 rooms next to Varadero beach. Completely independent DETAILS ON THE APARTMENT: - Equipped kitchen - Two rooms...

Casa Belisa

2 Rooms:
35, 35 CUC/Day
Casa Belisa 1 room for rent (with ¾ bed and a double bed). 1 bath, porch, parking and pantry. Kitchen with all...
  • What to visit in Varadero:

Casa Marta Margarita

1 Rooms:
40 CUC/Day
Casa Marta Margarita 1 bedroom apartment with Pantry. Separate entrance with garden and terrace....

Casa Isorazul

2 Rooms:
40, 40 CUC/Day
Casa Isorazul There are 2 rooms available for rent. Beautiful peaceful accomodations, clean, great service and centrally located. Room 1 has two single...

Casa Marta Oslaida

2 Rooms:
40, 40 CUC/Day
Casa Marta Oslaida Comfortable house, peaceful surroundings, privacy and offering the right setting for a great beach vacation in the Caribbean....

Brothers House

2 Rooms:
Brothers House 2 separate apartments with separate entrances (1 ensuite room each). The kitchen is optional, depending on the length of stay...

Casa Lola

3 Rooms:
40, 40, 40 CUC/Day
Casa Lola House 50 meters from the beach with 3 bedrooms with separate bathrooms, minibar, air conditioning, daily bed linen....

Casa Paula

1 Rooms:
40 CUC/Day
Casa Paula Comfortable house in a peaceful location. Close to the beach ,close to other recreational centers. Available excursions are Katamaran, Swimming...

Rent Casa particular in La Habana

Casa Habana

2 Rooms:
5, 5, 30, 45 CUC/Day
Casa Habana Two 3 bedroom units with private bathrooms, hot and cold water and air conditioning. Breakfast is also available as well...

Abra de Canasi

1 Rooms:
40 CUC/Day
Abra de Canasi A very beautiful 300 meters from the sea where there is an open, two montains separated by a river that...

Havana Beach Villa

4 Rooms:
100, 100, 100, 100 CUC/Day
Havana Beach Villa Excellent location on the best beach in Havana, 20 minutes from the historic center. Magnificent 1950s American mansion overlooking the...

Casa Bolsa de La Habana

2 Rooms:
45, 45 CUC/Day
Casa Bolsa de La Habana Casa Bolsa de La Habana (Havana Stock Exchange) – the landowner does not live in the house. Two bedrooms,...

Donde Zeny y Luis

1 Rooms:
35 CUC/Day
Donde Zeny y Luis It offers a heated room with large bathroom, terrace and garage. Hot and cold water, refrigerator. Other services: breakfast, lunch, dinner...

Bed & Breakfast Central Havana

3 Rooms:
30, 30, 30 CUC/Day
Bed & Breakfast Central Havana 3 air-conditioned rooms, with private or ensuite. Living, dining, kitchen, balcony overlooking the street. Street view San Lazaro. Located in...

Casa Pavel

3 Rooms:
65, 40, 40 CUC/Day
Casa Pavel Three-bedroom apartment, each room with private bathroom and entrance as well as hot and cold water, TV, phone, fridge, air-conditioning....

Villa Lou

2 Rooms:
60, 75 CUC/Day
Villa Lou 1 air-conditioned room (with potential to become 2 families or group composition), 1 bathroom. Usability: living room, terrace and portal....

Hostal Ivis

2 Rooms:
25, 25 CUC/Day
Hostal Ivis This house is located 100 meters from the Panamericano Hotel, close to Cojímar Brach and 13 km from Havana´s...

Casa Estilo 50

1 Rooms:
40 CUC/Day
Casa Estilo 50 It offers rooms with bathrooms, hot and cold water, heated. Contemplate noble areas such as access to the dining room,...

Casa Gladys

3 Rooms:
30, 25, 25 CUC/Day
Casa Gladys It has three bedrooms, 2 with ceiling fans and air conditioning in January, one of which has 1 bath and...

Casa Baby

2 Rooms:
30, 30 CUC/Day
Casa Baby House for rent at 100 meters from the beach Baracoa, excellent to rest....

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